Beta Glucan: Nature's Secret (Book)

Beta Glucan: Nature's Secret (Book)
  • Item #: 9780984144501
  • Manufacturer: Vaclav Vetvicka, Ph.D.
Dr. Vetvicka, in his book, Beta Glucan: Nature's Secret, speaks of the different types of glucans available on the market. Research reveals that beta glucans differ widely in physiochemical and biological properties. He offers scientific presentations of the various natural sources and differing biological activity of B-glucans. Some have no biological activities at all. He emphasizes why choosing the correct glucan, dosage, and administration is vital to optimally affect the human immune system.

Dr. Vetvicka also explains that although new cells from bone marrow are steady throughout one's entire life, the formation and migration of the newly formed cells are limited. He explains in detail how miraculously beta glucan stimulates the production of precursor cells in the bone marrow resulting in a more rapid flow of new immune cells into the bloodstream and various organs throughout the body.

He speaks of the effects glucans have on cancer, infection, inflammation and cholesterol. He explains how beta glucan treatment positively affects arthritis, fatigue from physical and psychological stress, wound healing, the overall condition of the skin, overcoming suppressed immune cells caused by radiation or chemotherapy, ulcerative colitis, and HIV.

Discover which glucans (yeast versus barley) to use and whether to mix them with other modes of treatment. Read about the amazing results glucans have had when administered to animals. Learn more about the possible uses of glucans and their side effects. Become aware of which specific groups of people can benefit most from glucan treatment. Review the scientific references to numerous completed studies, as well as testimonials by satisfied glucan users.

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