Lumen 264

Lumen 264
  • Item #: 000264
  • Manufacturer: Lumen Photon Therapy/Inlight
Lumen Photon Therapy™ practitioners and clients have reported using these light therapy devices to reduce or eliminate pain both pre and post surgically, to heal tendon and ligament injuries within days, fractures within a few weeks often resulting in better bone integrity, severe burns within hours with little or no scarring. Many clients have successfully saved teeth from extraction or root canals and completely reversed cavitations, which are anaerobic degenerative bone infections of the jaw. Clients with diabetic neuropathy report relief of pain and nerve regeneration as well as quick healing of stubborn ulcerative sores. The Lumen 264™ offers the therapeutic intensity of the Lumen 90 in a larger size. The Lumen 264™ pad is made of flexible neoprene with 120 visible and 144 infrared LEDs. The pad measures 7.5” x 14.5”. The diode surface measures 4.5” x 12” allowing for treatment of large areas such as the back.
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